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Unlike traditional schools, autonomous schools are governed by a Board of Directors. Charter and other school leaders depend on their schools’ Board for knowledge and experience in creating and sustaining effective and high-performing schools. Board members become front-line reformers improving public education. Together they create well-run schools transforming our children’s futures.

To ensure that schools successfully serve students, Get Smart Schools has created a Board Bank. The Board Bank is a pool of committed and qualified individuals who are willing and interested in serving on a school Board. GSS works with both schools and Board Bank members to make introductions and match members to schools.

Board Member Skill Sets and Responsibilities

Autonomous schools are always looking for experienced and skilled individuals to serve on their schools boards. Boards seek out a diverse pool of applicants, including individuals with skills in areas such as: legal, business, community building, curriculum, fundraising, and more to enhance their team. In addition to contributing to a school that is closing the achievement gap, serving on a school board is a tremendous opportunity to network with other professionals and impact the greater community.

Board responsibilities are vast and can vary greatly from school to school. School Boards are responsible for setting policy, protecting the visions and mission of a school, setting achievement goals and monitoring progress toward those goals, financial oversight, and the hiring, evaluation, and firing of the school’s leader. As such, school Boards play a critical role in developing schools that raise the academic achievement for all students. View a PowerPoint on board service for further information.

Check out our PowerPoint presentation with more information about being on a Charter School Board.

Apply to the Board Bank

GSS is always looking for energetic and talented individuals to join this exciting effort. To apply for a board position, fill out the application below and a GSS staff member will get in touch with you. If you have questions about Board service, please contact us at

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